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  • Easy-Laser® is developed and manufactured by Damalini AB in Sweden. Together with our distributors, we supply users in more than 70 countries with solutions for measurement and alignment problems under the trademark Easy-Laser®.

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The benefits
of alignment

There is much to be gained in terms of time and money by adjusting the machines within the prescribed tolerances. Investing in a laser-based measuring system such as Easy-Laser® will benefit the company by reducing the cost of spare parts and lost production. And the working environment is improved at the same time.


Shoaa Laser Company

Shoaa Laser is a Mechanical and Electronic Engineering company, well established in Libya since 2000. We supply, install and maintain cutting-edge technology, provide training and education through our experience engineers.
We're pleased to work with you and offer our services to the public and private sector.We provide a cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission

Provide our customers with the complete Mechanic Electronic and IT infrastructure needed to manage their organisations using leading edge technologies.


For users who want a simple, reliable and cost-effective measuring system for the alignment of horizontally-installed machines

Company Services

Shoaa Laser Company Services includes the following

Fleet Management system

Founded for the purpose of providing GPS system in Libya with value-added GPS fleet management, event and emergency notification, fuel tax calculations, route monitoring for dangerous/hazardous goods and on-board diagnostic reporting. Through experience and product development, we have focused on the requirements for GPS security systems targeting multiple types of clients. Specifically, we have focused on meeting the needs of 2 major types of customers: the Service industry and the Transportation industry. Furthermore, we are providing a viable secure solution to mitigate and reduce losses incurred by the Insurance industry as well as satisfying the highly probable future requirements of government agencies for monitoring dangerous/hazardous goods.

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Transfer your measurement results from the display unit into the history database and make reports or export the results into an Excel® spreadsheet for further analysis.
This can easily be done with the EasyLink™ software pack.
If you want to know and learn how to use our shaft alignment systems without the need of a machine to align you should download our Easy-Laser® Interactive Training Tool.
All software packs is free of charge and contains the full versions.

contact us
Asswani Road, 6km. Tripoli, Libya
+218 91 3704587
+218 21 7200245
+218 91 3704471